If you want an easier way to fill medical equipment, supplies and home care orders – raise your hand! (Assuming you have one free)

Imagine a patient order coming from a healthcare provider with all the information you need to fulfill it. No follow up calls or faxes. No “assembling” of random information. No chasing information from other busy individuals. Just fill and bill! Well, that’s exactly what eOrdersPlus™ does. We call it e-prescribing for medical equipment plus supplies! Finally, it’s all electronic! With Competitive Bidding and other reimbursement cuts along with required documentation and paper audits – suppliers must receive all the necessary order information and documentation necessary to meet compliance and audit standards. eOrdersPlus™ brings all the benefits of e-prescribing to medical equipment and supplies. And the best part…you only pay when you accept an order for fulfillment!

Ready to fill. Ready to bill.

  • Less paper chasing
  • Less physician office follow-up
  • Provides a ready-to-bill order that leads to faster fulfillment & reimbursements
  • Leads to more orders and higher order fill rates
  • Improves audit/compliance results
  • Provides data to help document patient outcomes
  • Streamlines workflow and lower overhead costs
  • Enhances provider and patient satisfaction by minimizing wait time
  • No start-up costs, software fees or enrollment fees. Pay only for the e-prescribed orders you accept for fulfillment