Company Overview

Stratice Healthcare leverages its interoperable and web-based e-ordering solutions to provide direct electronic connectivity within our open, national network of healthcare professionals and providers of medical equipment, supplies and home care services serving patients’ non-acute care medical needs.  Our eOrdersPlus™ solutions enable healthcare professionals to quickly create and transmit patients’ medical orders for immediate, reliable fulfillment through an intuitive, guided e-ordering process conveniently pre-populated with all required patient, physician office and payer information.  eOrdersPlus™ ensures patients’ medical orders are rapidly completed the first time with all required data, supporting documentation and electronic prescriber signatures necessary for fast fulfillment by healthcare professionals’ and their patients’ chosen networked providers, followed by more rapid claim submission and reliable reimbursement.

eOrdersPlus™ is integrated in over 150 EHR systems today serving 135,000 plus care providers and our web-based e-Ordering applications are now available to all healthcare professionals and providers nationwide.  Our e-Ordering solutions are supported by our independent, open network of 1000’s of providers delivering choice to healthcare professionals and their patients, and reliable fulfillment irregardless of patient location, product and service needs, and payer source.  Important to physician practices, hospital systems, providers fulfilling patients’ medical orders, and patients alike, eOrdersPlus™ delivers improved continuity of patient care and outcomes, speeds care transitions, reduces unnecessary readmissions and unreimbursed care provider time, and drives faster claim submission and reimbursement.

Our mission continues to focus on the rapid digitalization of the remaining areas of patient care continuing to be burdened by inefficient and unreliable paper, fax and phone-driven ordering, referral, fulfillment and service delivery processes negatively impacting patients’ non-acute care.  Our eOrderPlus™ solutions solve these lingering industry problems by delivering seamless e-ordering applications directly connecting our network, ensuring reliable fulfillment of patients’ medical needs, and providing an embedded two-way, electronic communication platform for healthcare professionals and providers to more efficiently facilitate the continuity of patient care.