Our Electronic Referral & Ordering Solutions

Transform the delivery, continuity & quality of patient care

Connect healthcare providers & patients with our national open network of providers of medical equipment, products & services

Create critical, time-saving operational efficiencies in the referral, fulfillment and reimbursement of patient care

Why Stratice?

Healthcare providers and their patients nationwide trust Stratice’s EHR-integrated and web-based e-ordering solutions to drive fast and accurate order fulfillment by our national, open network of accredited medical equipment, supplies and home care service providers.

Stratice can help you:

  • Eliminate manual order paperwork, non-stop faxes and unnecessary follow-up calls
  • Access our national, open network of suppliers for reliable fulfillment of patients’ medical needs
  • Reduce order data entry errors, frustrating claim denials & unreimbursed patient care
  • Improve the quality and continuity of patient care, and reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions
  • Enhance electronic workflows, decrease unreimbursed patient care, and increase patient care time
  • Electronic transmittal of all required order data & documentation for fast, efficient fulfillment
  • Assist and accelerate the transition and reliability of patient care from hospital to home